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Over to New Zealand again.

Neil Passfield contacted me in reference to 169049. This tank was brought from Tim Vibert by a lady in New Zealand as a surprise for her husband. I have seen a couple of pictures of it over there and one which is shown below where it was driven through a house as a stunt.

Neil served on 169049 and when the centurions were put up for sale all the Brass serial number id plates were removed by crews. They said that the tank hangers looked like they had been invaded by fire flies. There were torches and lights flashing everywhere, in the night! When Neil made his approach, the plates had been removed, but he managed the rebuild plates. I do have one of the MK V  but have not seen any others so they are still pretty rare.

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The base overhaul plate. This is the first I have seen of one of these, no doubt there are others around but I have not been able to locate any!               

Neil's Mod plate to Mk V/1 Plus three Base Overhauls. I cannot read the March 1969 item under the second base overhaul. The second plate is mine, showing Mod to Mk V and Mk 5/1

Both Plates on Display


Holding ground at the Armoured School Parade Ground

She has now been transferred to the Australian War Memorial at Canberra.

I believe that she will be restored externally and put on an outside display .

Again we will have a Centurion on display at the A.W.M

This centurion served in Vietnam and was hit by an RPG on the hull beside the drivers compartment.

The marks are still there from the splash but cannot be seen in the picture

From these photos it appears that it will be a top restoration.

I hope it will have all the gear as in Vietnam



Photos below were kindly provided by Bruce Cameron

Stripped and sandblasted and covered with a black anti rust treatment

Repainted and the tracks being reinstalled

Adjusting the tracks.  Yeah that does bring back memories, a cow of a job

The gravel square where 169056 will stand. Hopefully any rust stains will be absorbed into the gravel and not as a lasting stain on concrete.



I believe 169005 is now up for sale and the 1st Armoured Regiment Association is going to raise the money to purchase her.

This was the first tank I drove when I started out on this project and it did leave a special place in my memory. It was a nice tank and ran well, and was fully equipped.

It served in Vietnam, and it was in this tank that Tpr James Kerr was killed, when it detonated a mine. The tank returned to Australia where a replacement hull was fitted.

I took these photos five years ago when I drove 169005

169093 has now also been located

I knew the owner but did not know the location, but located the tank in the Ballarat area of the Western district of Victoria. I will be going up there next week hopefully to see 169093 and take some photos of the tank.

Well a week later and I am at Ballarat to see 169093. I have at this point of time torn a ligament in my left knee, and am not walking all that well. before I left Val said, "No climbing on tanks!' To which I replied,

"You have to be joking I can hardly walk!" Anyway arrived at the home of 169093 now owned by Frank and Chris Nicholls. The first item to strike me was their shed. What a bloody big shed! I would guess about 100 ft wide by about300 ft long with a roof heights about30 ft, complete with flood lights everywhere It would be like daylight when lit up.

And there was 169093 a very straight tank all dents have been removed and some guards have been remade

I would have to say its the most well presented Centurion I have seen, the only thing missing are the two .30 cal and the .50cal

Even down to the barrel end dust cover

The tools are all in place

They have plenty of liner box's

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Hand radio with antenna

.30 flex mount with extension -- note recovered Cupola lid

The rear IR cage with IR light and ration packs, tarp and bedrolls

Not a good photo but it does give some idea of the size of the shed

Inside the operators side

All the box's are used and liner are all in place

Operators seat mounted in position, these are in most cases removed from the tanks I have seen. Nice to see everything is in its place note seat is also recovered

One of the ready sliding bins in place as well, again normally removed to allow more room for access

Radio setup, both radio's and power supply and all connecting leads

Nice to see all the little bits like headphones and mic's in place

Crew Commander seat in the lower position

Again all odds and ends in place

Yeah they found me a ladder and I did get onboard and into the operators area. At this point I am wondering how the hell I will get out.

No worries said Chris, stand on the gun frame and he depressed the gun and up I went like a lift, no worries.

                                        Chris Nicholls                                                                                                                                        Frank Nicholls

Again I have met another two great guys that could not he do enough to help me out. The work they have done on the Cent and their other vehicles is really quite unbelievable.

Everything works even the stab on the gun, not bad considering they had to work it all out themselves. As I want to get this page on the web tonight as I am off on a trip to Queensland, I will stop it here but there is still more to come on their other vehicles.

I will list here the tanks I have located

169000            Converted to a Drilling Rig now in the Congo

169001            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW

169002            Sent to the Pucka Range still complete externally

169003            Bilston Mining drilling Rig now in Qld

169004            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW

169005            Peter Jarratts on his property, at Smalltown, NSW

169006            On display Puckapunyal outside Museum

169007            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169008            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW

169009            In N.Z. At Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum

169010            Royal Military Collage Now in private hands

169011            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW

169012            Vietnam Vets display at Palmerston N.T.

 169013            Andrew Cheshire Wangaratta

169014            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169015            Wrecked at Gerogery 1of 3

169016            Vietnam Vets Museum Phillip Island Victoria.  

169017            Gate guard at Palmerston N.T. (Hull and Turret only)          

169018            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169019            Wrecked at Sydney 1 of 7

169020            On Display at Calder Park Thunder Dome

169021            At Hall when entering Canberra on the Barton Hwy. Owner Ivan Krusiac

169022            N Wolfe W.A.

169023            Vince Ryan NSW In shed. SOLD TO Lamotte

169024            Wrecked at Gerogery 2 of 3

169025            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169026            Colin Brown Rhylstone NSW

169027            Kremors Model Aircraft Display at Wentworth NSW

169028            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW

169029            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW                    

169030            School of Military Engineering Moorbank NSW 

169031            Gate Guard at Puckapunyal main entrance “Bewildered 

169032            Instructor tank inside Museum Puckapunyal. 

169033            Wilson Drilling 

169034            Inside Puckapunyal Museum still wearing full side plates 

169035            In private hands Ron Schneider S/W Horsham.

169036            Wrecked at Sydney 2 of 7

169037            Dorrigo Steam Train Museum NSW  C/S 32A    SGT Len Allen  Balmoral

169038            Owned by private owner. Robert Parker Seymour

169039            Jonathan Lahy-Neary N.Z

169040            Stuart Buchanan Flowerdale

169041            C Squadron Hanger Palmerston N.T. (Restored)      

169042            Owner Don McInnis Kingston S.A.   Motor seized.

169043            In private hands. Owner Bruce Holt at Cower NSW

169044            Echuca – Moama R.S.L.

169045            Richard Clarke Macclesfield S.A.

169046            Wrecked at Sydney 4 of 7

169047            Vince Ryan NSW Inside Shed   Sold to Pucka

169048            Destroyed as a hard target at gunnery range Puckapunyal

169049            Sold to New Zealand (Went to the chap for his birthday)  C/S 21  LT Barry Sullivan  Binh Ba

169050            Range Target Singleton Gunnery Range NSW

169051            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169052            John Langley  W.A  one of two

169053            Named Castlemaine  In tank Museum Puckapunyal Being restored   by 1st Armd. Regt.

169054            Wrecked At Sydney 5 of 7

169055            Private hands owner Ian Puls near Horsham. Has had the incorrect number since sold by Army, 196055, The painter must have had a drink at lunch time. Ian was not aware of the mistake.

169056            Holding Ground at Puckapunyal Parade Ground (one of two)

169057            Tim Vibert     Holbrook NSW

169058            Private owner Gold Coast (Named Cat Young Circus Co)

169059            Vince Ryan NSW No Turret (Wrecking)

169060            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169061            Vince Ryan NSW In Shed  Sold to Pucka

169062            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169063            Private hands at Cape Schanck Victoria  (Top condition still running)

169064            Destroyed as a hard target at gunnery range Puckapunyal  C/S 22B Cpl. Barry Bennier Binh Ba

160065            Cherlot Drilling

169066            Puckapunyal Range as a target

169067            Bob Watson Cowra

169068            Range Target Puckapunyal

169069            In Private hands at Moligul Vic. Excellent condition Owners name Parker  C/s 32 Lt Mick Butler - Driver Rusty Dyson - Loader Allen Jones Gunner Bob Gould      2 Troop C Sqn   Balmoral

169070            Vince Ryan NSW In shed  Sold to Pucka

169071            Vince Ryan NSW In shed Dozer Blade

169072            Holding Ground at Puckapunyal Parade Ground (two of two)

169073            Holding Ground 8/13 VMR Museum Bandiana.

169074            Vince Ryan NSW No Turret (Wrecking) 

169075            Glenn Griffen  Gold Coast  Now sold to John Schuttoffel Qld

160076            Wrecked At Sydney 6 of 7

169077            Rod Visser Pearcedale. Runner.

169078            Dozer Tank in yard at Tim Vibert at Wangaratta

169079            Dozer Tank in hanger in Museum Puckapunyal

169080            On display inside Museum Puckapunyal, no numbers but display plate on turret gives Serial No.  169080 This is the original.

169080            On display at 4 Base Workshops Bandiana. This is the rebuild

169081            Used 1 day as a Range target and rescued to the Armoured Gunnery Wing, Puckapunyal

169082            Wrecked at Gerogery 3 of 3

169083            Vince Ryan NSW Behind Shed Tarped   Sold to Pucka

169084            Puckapunyal Range Target

169085            Andrew Cheshire Wangaratta

169086            Vince Ryan NSW In Shed scrapped to Sydney

169087            P Champion

169088             Grollo  Bros at Mansfield Vic.

169089            Gabe Zulian  Jindabyne

169090            RSL Yarrawonga

169091            John Langley W.A.               Scrapped at Sydney 7 of 7                      Replaced by 169133 

169092            Museum Cowra

169093            Nicholls    Ballarat   Beats Walking

169094            On private property just past Echuca

 169095            R.S.L. Bendigo BULLWINKLE

169096            Bruce Cheshire Wangaratta   C/S 21C Cpl Geoff Bennett Binh Ba (The Jinks)

169097            Vince Ryan NSW Behind Shed Tarped. Scrapped to Sydney

169098            Robert Emmins Werribee

169099            On display at Caribbean Gardens in Melbourne  C/S 32B Cpl Shorty Britton 2 Troop C Sqn Balmoral

169100            Ian Holm Nth Gold Coast. Ian owns two cents

169101            RAEME. Recovery Training Wing Bandiana

169102             PRIVATE OWNER Peter Bailey Gunandah Nth NSW

169103            Becks Museum Nth Qld. Mareeba Near Cairns

169104            Grollo

169105            Vince Ryan Inside Shed

169106            Dozer Sgt’s Mess Armoured School

169107            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company 

169108            This Cent is in storage at the Canberra Australian War Memorial.

169109            Brad Baker Qld “The Bitch”.

169110            This Cent is also at the war Memorial but on display.  C/S22   Lt David Ritchie   2 Troop C Sqn    Binh Ba

169111            ARV Melbourne Tank Museum Hallam   

169112            ARV with crane on rear at Museum Puckapunyal

169113            ARV At Vince Ryan's property . Being kept by Tim Vibert

169114            ARV Vince Ryan Inside Shed

169115            On display at Caribbean Gardens Melbourne

169116            Army Museum Western Australia Ex SME  NSW  Static display Ex School of Military Engineering Sydney

169117            In private hands Jeff Morgan Qld. “Blood Sweat and Tears” C/S 3A

169118            Bare Hull still held by Tim Vibert

169119            Range Target Puckapunyal

169120            Tongala memorial

160121            ARV Army Museum Bandiana

169122            ARV Tim Viberts Yard Wangaratta

169123            ARV Museum Puckapunyal Mk 2

169124            Marsden Park near Sydney at a Paint Ball Yard Named “Heartbreaker”

169125            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169126            1/15 Royal New South Wales Lancers Museum

169127            Vince Ryan NSW Inside Shed Kept by Tim Plus mono wheeled trailer  115405

169128            Grollo

169129            Private hands at Oberon NSW Owner Matt McMahon

169130            Wrecked at Sydney 3 of 7

169131            The second Tank owned by Ian Holm Nth Gold Coast

169132            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169133            169091 John Langley W.A.

169134            Inside Army Museum Bandiana

169135            In yard at 4 Base Workshops Bandiana

169136            Tim Vibert personal  The Hong Kong Tank MK 3

169137            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

169138            In U.S.A. Owned by Melody Movie Company

115541            ARV Bridge layer at Puckapunyal Museum

115542            ARV Bridge layer - Tim Vibert's yard Wangaratta

115543            ARV Bridge layer outside Museum Bandiana

115544            ARV Bridge layer at Puckapunyal Museum out the back in storage

                        Bridge in yard on display with vehicle on board

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