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Some more of Frank and Chris Nicholls Units

This shows about a third of the shed front

This is used as a tow vehicle for a large trailer that carries their digger.

The Trailer

They have fitted a Dodge V8

The cab has been modified, widen and a section put into the height as well. Its a very neat unit.

They also own a very nice jeep as well

They saw this wrecker many years ago but missed out on buying it

Then they again saw it at the Belfield Museum auction and brought it.

Every thing works well, another very nice unit.

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Another very nice haulage unit

If you need anything moved around the Ballarat area these guys have the equipment

Inside the home there were dozens of great photos, about 2 x 3 feet all framed, but they did not come out well in the pictures mainly because of the reflection off the glass.

But some items of interest were more or less ok

An original add for the sale of the Centurions

The good by parade for the centurions

Report on Bruce Holts centurion and the story of his contact with her in Vietnam and how he managed to in time purchase her.

An old add by Tim Vibert re the Centurions for sale.

These were all old items, many now lost forever, my thanks for them being made available.

 Again its all Centurion History that should be preserved for the general public to remember

A great display in the corner of the lounge




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She has now been sold and will join 169093 in the Ballarat area.

The new owners are Frank and Chris Nicholls, two guys that are dedicated to detail and I know this tank will finish up with

 the full outfit as it was in Vietnam

This tank was offered to the Vietnam Veterans Museum, who put unrealistic demands into the contract and hence missed out on a free tank. It was then offered to two RSL's, both of whom decided that they would rather have a free Leopard MBT instead of a Centurion that they would have to pay for. I can understand the financial reasons but the RSL branches are not really short of a penny and why a group that is mainly made up, at this point of time mainly of Vietnam Vets, would except a Leopard, that never served outside Australia or in any conflict with Australians. I find this sad indeed. I also cannot understand why there are no Centurions displayed anywhere in Australia, with the full setup as they were in Vietnam. I know there are a couple in the Australian War Memorial, but these are in storage and out of sight of the general public, and its my feeling that that is how they will stay.

So I am very happy to see 169096 go somewhere that it will be brought back to the condition as she was in service in Vietnam

I will be going up to Wangaratta with Chris and Frank in about a week to have some photos of 169096 being started and driven to a loading area. as she has not run for about 20 years, this could be a bit involved. I will also be at Ballarat for the unloading but all that will be on the next page, Page 7